Hospital Automation and Clinical Management System HACIMS is a web based health care application covering the necessities of the hospitals especially teaching hospitals and allowing them to communicate clinical data at National and International level. HACIMS is the system that can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

System contained predefined patient treatment templates for each specialization. Each template contains lot of medical terminologies for Presenting Complaints, Histories, and Physical Examination etc. These medical terminologies mapped with different international standard’s medical terminologies for exchange of information.

  • Customization of the software according to the Hospital, Consultant requirements
  • Graphical representation of diagnosis or procedures etc. related to each specialization.
  • Whole system clicks based informatics, an optional text entry field also provided for each screens.
  • Automatically generation of Editable English narrative which assist users in creating quick reports in narrative format.
  • Auto-diagnosis, Users enters/selects the values of different medical terminologies and system help the user to diagnose patient disease.
  • Centralized data storage and access via Intranet or Internet. No need to deploy each terminal.
  • Easy to integrate with hospital other software systems.