➤ Kitchen Appliances :

An interesting list of products such as air fryer, electric grill, steamer etc to make your kitchen experience easy and convenient,adding style to it simultaneously. The perfect combo of innovation and technology catering to modern cooking styles, easing kitchen work while making it enjoyable by cutting down on conventional cooking time by 50%.

➤ Floor care :

The Philiphs Floor Care range is designed to be your ally in thorough cleaning of every type of floor. Not only it tackles the cleanliness of your home but removes all allergens from your floors giving you a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

➤ Garment Care :

Philiphs is the world’s no. 1 in garment care and sells the most number of irons in the whole world, leading it to be called the number 1 ironing brand. Philiphs Garment Care makes life better and easier for people who want effortless perfection. Its portfolio of intelligent and powerful products feature ground breaking technology that sets its products apart, delivering perfectly ironed clothes with no effort.

➤ Beauty :

Enhance the body of your hair or straighten them to your liking while being assured of the long lasting results. update your beauty regime with the help of Philiphs innovation in technology and state of the art products, which make life easier and enjoyable.

➤ Male Grooming :

Be in control of your looks. Get an upgrade on the male grooming experience by owning the best and latest products offered by Philiphs . The vast array of cutting edge items promises to help you gain control and confidence in your looks

➤ Sonicare :

Philiphs Sonicare electric toothbrushes are the best choice for Dental Care including plaque removal, healthier gums leading to a brighter smile, increasing one’s self confidence. Whether you want an electric toothbrush to focus on gum health, teeth whitening or plaque removal; or something that does everything, Philiphs Sonicare has helps you smile confidently. These electric toothbrushes use advanced technology to sweep away plaque and give a deep clean. Philiphs is also the No.1 brand recommended by dental professionals.